Approved by MD of Artek LLC

Paklin A.A. dated November 15, 2018.

Contract offer

Artek LLC TIN: 9701052275, PSRN: 5167746217359 represented by MD Paklin Alexey Aleksandrovich, acting on the basis of the Charter, hereinafter named as the Owner, on the one hand, natural or legal person referred to as the Lessee, have reached the following agreement.

Public offer –offering of the owner, addressed to any person, with the intent to sign a contract (onwards – Agreement) on the prevailing conditions contained in the Agreement. The Owner reserves the right to amend the public offer unilaterally by publishing it on the website

Acceptance – full and irrevocable acceptance of the Agreement by the Lessee. Acceptance is the process of the money transmission to the Owner directly or transferring of funds to the Owner`s account.

Acceptance of the public offer means the consent to process the Lessee`s personal data and the personal data of the passengers for the implementation of the Agreement including accumulation, keeping, using, processing, delivering and eradication.

The subject matter of the Agreement

1. The Owner undertakes to provide for temporary possession and use, and the Lessee undertakes to receive, to pay and timely return movable property booked by the Lessee and noted in Table 1 and marked (V). Table 1 is attached to the Order, which is an integral part of the present Agreement and being signed at the same time as the equipment is transferred.


A set of ski

A set of snowboard



Pants Gloves Bottom protection Top protection
999 999 249 399 399 249 499 499
Action camera Radio sets Insurance Ski/Snowboard Boots Ski poles Junior set
799 399 299 599* 399 199 799

*A set of ski: ski set composed of ski, bindings, boots and ski poles.

**A set of snowboard: snowboard set composed of a snowboard, bindings and boots.

Equipment given category, brand: alpine ski Atomic, Salomon, Rossignol, Head, Volkl, snowboards: Burton, Rossignol, Salomon, GNU, Jones

Rights and obligations of the parties:

2. The Owner shall be under the duty to:

2.1. prepare the equipment being transferred at their own expense. Equipment using – for rolling down the ski tracks, prepared for skiing and snowboards.

2.2. deliver the equipment to the Lessee in good condition, suitable for its intended use.

2.3. check the working capacity of the equipment in the presence of the Lessee.

3. The Lessee shall be under the duty to:

3.1. use the equipment strictly according to its intended use .

3.2. pay rent timely and in full.

3.3. bring back the equipment in good condition having regard to normal wear upon the expiration of the Agreement or by early termination.

3.4. make amendments through payment to the Owner the cost of repairing according to current tariffs.

3.5. In irreparable cases in the same way as its loss to pay the full cost of the equipment noted in the Agreement according to current Owner`s tariffs.

3.6. follow the user agreement published on the website 

4. Rent

4.1. Rent (for the equipment using) is set at the rate, noted in the order.

4.2. The rental payment implements through the one-time payment in taking the equipment by Lessee under the Agreement.

Rent`s bail is a document or a property, noted in the order.

Passport is not a security document. The Lessee can leave a passport for storage in rental point in order not to lose it on the slope. The cash deposit is not the full value of one set of the equipment. The Agreement is entered for a period noted in the Order.

4.3. If the Lessee fails to return the equipment in 2 hours from the date and time of the Agreement expiration, the Lessee pays the Landlord the full price of the equipment for 1 day. If the Lessee fails to return the equipment pending more than 24 hours from the date of the Agreement expiration, payment is made at the rate of the rent per day multiplied by the number of days following the expiration date of the Agreement.

5. The Lessee has the right to cancel the rental Agreement at any time after itssigning. In the event of the early equipment return, the refund of previously paid rent is not made. In the event of the order rejection within a period of less than 7 days prior to the equipment receiving, the prepayment received is non-refundable and is a penalty for breach of obligations by the Lessee.

6. The Lessee has no right to require the replacement of equipment if the equipment was given in good condition. In the event of replacement of serviceable equipment, the amount of the current contract is not refundable. In this instance it is concluded the new rent agreement in accordance with the Lessee`s needs and on the terms agreed in the new rent agreement.

7. The Owner notifies the Lessee that the equipment leased under the Agreement is not new, but is pre-owned and is in good condition, taking into account the normal wear and tear.

8. The Owner does not bear the responsibility for injuries gained by the Lessee and/or by the third parties, which can be the result of the equipment exploitation as well as the Owner does not bear any other material, administrative or criminal responsibility. The Lessee is responsible for all the results of the equipment using.

9. In the event of damage or loss of the rented equipment, the Lessee shall pay the Owner a fine:


Name The amount of damages in the event of damage/loss, in ₽ * The amount of the fine for a minor damage, in ₽

**The amount of the fine for a significant damage, in ₽

Alpine ski, Comfort class, with bindings 15000 1500 7500
Alpine ski, Premium class, with bindings 20000 2000 10000
Alpine ski, Extreme/Race class, with bindings 30000 3000 15000
Snowboard boots, ski boots 9000 1500 4500
Ski poles 1500 200 1500
Snowboard, Comfort class 14000 1400 7000
Bindings for the snowboard of Comfort class 5500 550 2750
Snowboard, Premium class 22000 2200 11000
Bindings for the snowboard of Premium/Extreme class 20000 20000 10000
Snowboard, Extreme class 30000 3000 15000
Splitboard, Extreme class 65000 6500 32500
Bindings for the splitboard of Extreme class 35000 3500 17500
Bindings for ski 5000 500 5000
Helmet 3000 500 4000
Mask 2000 - 2000
Jacket 3200 600 1600
Pants 2500 500 1250
Wed'ze gloves 600 - 600
Top protection 4000 800 2000
Bottom protection 4000 800 2000
Action-camera 30000 5000 15000
Radio set 3000 750 1500
Alpine ski, Junior class 8000 1500 4000
Snowboard, Junior class 10000 1500 5000
Bindings for the ski of the Junior class 4000 800 2000
Bindings for the snowboard of the Junior class 5000 1000 2500
Snowboard boots, Junior class 6000 1500 3000
Ski boots, Junior class 6000 1500 3000

*Minor  damage:
- deep scratches on the sliding surface

- large chips on the upper surface

-broken snowboard slings

- torn laces on snowboard boots

- breakage or loss of the ski/snowboard bumper

**Significant damage:

-wrested edge

-broken clips on boots

- damaged ski slings

- damaged highback, base

- damaged ski stopper

- damaged ski bindings

10. In the event of non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of obligations under the Agreement, the Parties shall be liable in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

11. All disputes and disagreements arising between the parties under the Agreement or in connection with it are resolved through negotiations between the parties. If it is impossible to resolve disputes through negotiations, the court shall consider the case at the Owner`s place of residence in accordance with the procedure established by law.

12. Force majeure:

The Owner does not bear responsibility for complete or partial non-execution of the Agreement terms, if such failure is the result of force majeure circumstances. Force majeure circumstances including: broken cableways; weather conditions (fog, poor visibility, strong wind, rain, prolonged snowfall, etc.); the physical condition of the Lessee (injuries, illness, feeling unwell, etc., confirmed by medical records.).

13. By concluding the Agreement, the Lessee, thereby, gives its consent to the processing of the personal data by the Owner in the amount and methods necessary for the execution of the Agreement.